Sustainable farming

Many do not know that man’s efforts increase crop yields, and reduce the number insects that harm crops, have had more negative effects on the environment, than scientists have foretold. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is estimating that, in less than 100 years, man will deplete theContinue Reading


While some sunflower growers like to see smiles on peoples’ faces, when their crop is in full bloom at the end of summer, like Ted Grinter of Grinter Farms in Tonganoxie, Kansas; other sunflower farm owners have not been happy about the phenomenon of sunflower selfies. When I was drivingContinue Reading

Purple Lotus Flower

One of the most important symbols in Buddism is the Purple Lotus flower, as it symbolizes the Eightfold Path. While red lotus flowers symbolize love and compassion, blue symbolize wisdom, pink means spiritual attainment of perfection, and white is the symbol of purity; the purple lotus is thought to beContinue Reading