Hedgehogs can walk long distances

Even though Hedgehogs are only four to twelve inches long (10-30 cm), they can to can travel up to two miles a night. Which is a lot of tiny hedgehog steps!

Hedgehogs hunt at night for snails, frogs, snakes, bird eggs, mushrooms, roots, berries & insects. Their eyesight in the daytime is considered poor, but they do see better at night.

Hedgehogs can walk long distances
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Hedgehogs have about 5,000 spiky spines, and roll up into a spiky ball when threatened. Hedgehog spines do not come out easily like a porcupine. Each spine lasts only about a year, and then is replaced by a new one.

Hedgehogs can hibernate in winter, if it gets too cold. The animals are found in Asia, Africa, New Zealand, and Great Britain, and Europe.

Hedgehogs can walk long distances
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