Red Panda

With their beautiful rusty red and white coloring, and fluffy striped tails; Red Pandas are, unfortunately, ideal pets for those profiting from the exotic pet trade. These endangered animals even make a cute noise called twittering; whistle, and make a quacking sound when expelling breath. Those keeping red Pandas asContinue Reading

Pink Dolphin

  The Amazon Pink River Dolphin, or Boto, is a freshwater mammal found in South America in the Amazon basin, Orinoco basin, and Orinoco River. It eats fish, piranhas, turtles and crabs. Male Botos can weigh 400 lbs, and be 8 feet in length. Young Botos are grey, but asContinue Reading

Bongo Antelope

The beautiful Bongo is found near equatorial areas of Africa. It’s black and white stripes are stunning, and it’s reddish-brown coat is distinctive. Both sexes have long spiralled horns made of keratin (like human fingernails, but thicker). They live in dense undergrowth near lowland rainforests, in the Congo Basin, SouthernContinue Reading