Bongo Antelope

The beautiful Bongo is found near equatorial areas of Africa. It’s black and white stripes are stunning, and it’s reddish-brown coat is distinctive. Both sexes have long spiralled horns made of keratin (like human fingernails, but thicker). They live in dense undergrowth near lowland rainforests, in the Congo Basin, SouthernContinue Reading



The Amoy Tiger is a Southern Chinese tiger on the endangered animal list (near the top). I was inspired by its broad dark stripes, and the beautiful light fur around its face, and chest. Female Xiamen, or Amoy tigers, reach maturity at the age of four years, while males doContinue Reading

Blue-eyed Owl Necklace


Of the necklaces on my website that I have made, the Owl Eco-Friendly Wooden Necklace is one of my favorites. I was amazed to see how striking blue eyes can be on an owl. The owl has gray Indonesian wood, and hexagonal brown beads. The owl pendant has lapis lazuliContinue Reading