Pink Dolphin

Pink Dolphins in the Amazon River


The Amazon Pink River Dolphin, or Boto, is a freshwater mammal found in South America in the Amazon basin, Orinoco basin, and Orinoco River. It eats fish, piranhas, turtles and crabs. Male Botos can weigh 400 lbs, and be 8 feet in length.

Young Botos are grey, but as the River dolphins age, they become pink. It also thought, that when they become excited, they blush. I was amazed that a dolphin could change color as it aged.

The vertebrae in its neck are not fused, allowing it to navigate flooded forests, swim around tree trunks and rocks. It can turn its head 90 degrees, and is known to swim upside down to check out the bottom of the water.

They also have heterodont dentition, which means they have more than one size or kind of teeth. Amazon River Dolphins are thought to be endangered due to hunting, entanglement in fishing line, and loss of habitat.

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