Sand Dollar Necklace – Womens Size


Sand Dollar .925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace in Women’s Size-Sandalwood, Quartzite, Lava rock, Recycled glass. Silver Blue Painted glass, Hematite.

Leaky Canoe Jewelry


Sand Dollar Necklace in Women’s Size with .925 Sterling Silver Pendant — 24 inches (60 cm) long

.925 Sterling Silver Sand Dollar Pendant. Brown Sandalwood, Dark Blue Quartzite chips. Silver Blue Painted glass, Hematite. White & Black Bull’s Eye Glass. Dark Blue Lava Rock. Blue Recycled Indonesian glass. Gray and Natural Ringed Indonesian wood. Black Lustre Gunmetal Glass, Dark brown wood.


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Leaky Canoe Jewelry

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Leaky Canoe Jewelry