Recent Zombie Sunflower Apocalypse

While some sunflower growers like to see smiles on peoples’ faces, when their crop is in full bloom at the end of summer, like Ted Grinter of Grinter Farms in Tonganoxie, Kansas; other sunflower farm owners have not been happy about the phenomenon of sunflower selfies.

When I was driving through Hamilton, Ontario last summer, I could not understand why dozens and dozens of cars were parked beside a farm on Highway #6. It turned out it was Sunflower Selfie Tourism. The Bogle family were charging $7.50 per person, to allow selfies to be taken in their Sunflower patch. But, the Bogles found out, that many, many, many people like Sunflowers. A little too much. And they damage crops walking through them. The Bogles’ son, Brad, likened it to the coming of a zombie apocalypse. Never again, the Bogles said. It was on July 28, 2018, police requested that the farm be shut down, because there were just too many people in the fields.

Also in 2018, BlogTo, reported Davis Feed & Farm in Caledon encouraged Sunflower Tourism. Davis Farm & Feed held a Photo Contest, and posted the best selfies, on their website click here. They charged $10 per person.

Sunflowers are definitely very pretty. Young sunflowers follow the sun because it helps them grow. Scientists have found the circadian rhythm of young sunflowers allow cells to be added to the sides that reach out towards the sun. Eventually the mature sunflowers point towards the east, encouraging more bees to pollinate them, and keeping sunflower faces warmer.

In Kansas, the drought-resistant Wild Sunflower, is the State Flower. In Ontario, it seems the bugs sunflowers attract, are sometimes human. Beautiful selfies, yes, but maybe there are some who should use Photoshop.

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Recent Zombie Sunflower Apocalypse
Recent Zombie Sunflower Apocalypse

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